The Memoir Writer

"When you put down the good things you ought to have done, and leave out the bad ones you did do -well, that's memoirs."

-Will Rogers, American Humorist

At family gatherings conversations often turn to family stories. Have you ever said, "I should write this down?" Whether it is your own story or that of a family member, The Memoir Writer will do it for you. This book will be a permanent testament of your life, overflowing with joy, triumph, and passion. It will be a legacy in words.

Delving into the past helps us discover who we are. The rich threads of your family stories, histories, and special events can be woven into a polished memoir by a professional writer. A lifetime can be documented, preserved.

Reasons to have a memoir

  • Leave a legacy in words
  • Give a gift to a loved one
  • Discover things about family
  • Tell your side
  • Add your story to the written history of your community
  • Remember the past to look forward to the future
  • Have fun remembering and telling your stories
  • Everyone's story is unique and valuable
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