The Memoir Writer

Combined Memoirs of Groups

Groups of individuals may wish to create a memoir together. This could be veterans organizations, extended families, university fraternities or sororities, clubs, volunteer organizations or businesses. Members may combine shorter oral histories of individuals into a book of similar memoirs. The Memoir of each individual in a Group will incorporate:

  • Your own chapter
  • Number of pages allowed will depend on the number of participants in the group memoir
  • Your photograph on the title page of your chapter
  • Additional photos and/or documents, number will depend on the number of participants
  • Your name in the table of contents
  • A variety of cover styles available, including leather, embossing, and hardcover with dustcover, in a choice of colors
  • Custom printing on fine paper
  • A digital copy to share

"I enjoyed telling my story and McGinn did a great job describing what my tour of duty was like."

-Don Pelchy, WWII veteran, Ralph Share Post 297

"Judith McGinn has not only an eye for sharp detail but also an ear for the metaphor that best describes it. Her writing is a joy to read."

-Susan Wolstenholme, PhD. Professor of English, Cayuga Community College

"For who will testify, who will accurately describe our lives if we do not do it ourselves?"

-Faye Moskowitz, Author
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