The Memoir Writer

What to Expect

The Memoir Writer will provide you with suggestions to help you remember and focus your discussions. Over a number of meetings she will listen to your stories and help elicit details to create a vivid picture of your life experiences. Your life, service to your country and community, is unique and The Memoir Writer will write them down to give your family a written testament of your life. You can set the record straight, and find peace and enjoyment in sharing your stories. Your polished memoir will be a gift to your loved ones, a legacy in words.

Individual Memoirs

The Memoir of Your Life
  • Up to 200 pages of text
  • Ten additional pages of photographs, letters, genealogy charts
  • A page for a dedication
  • Your photograph on the title page
  • A variety of cover styles available, including leather, embossing, and hardcover with dustcover, in a choice of colors
  • Custom printing on fine paper
  • A digital copy to share

Combined Memoirs of Groups also Available. Details here.

"Everyone needs memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door."

-Saul Bellow, Nobel Prize for Literature
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